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Heathrow Airport; What Can’t You Take Through Security

Heathrow Airport; What Can't You Take Through Security

When you're packing for your trip, it's easy to forget that there are certain rules as to what you can and cannot take with you. To prevent any holdups and to keep check-in running as smooth as possible read on as we outline those items which you cannot take on as hand luggage.

Liquids Water

For security reasons no passenger is allowed to take more than 100ml of liquid on board the aeroplane with them. Therefore, if you need to take liquids on the plane with you it's vital that you ensure that the liquid is carried in a container which can only hold 100ml of water or less.

If you have a young infant or baby and you need to carry milk and food on board with you, then don't panic because there is a level of understanding. However you should expect all containers to be opened, and they will usually get you to taste the liquid which you have to ensure that it is nothing untoward.

Sharp ObjectsSharp Objects

You are not allowed to take sharp items with a blade over 6cm – this covers a large variety of different items which include;
- Projectile-Firing Weapons
- Stunning Devices & Incapacitating Devices
- Tools
- Blunt Instruments
- Explosive or Incendiary Substances
- Dangerous Goods
- Cigarette Lighters

Baggage Allowance Baggage Allowance

You are allowed to take one bag on the aeroplane with you, however this does depend on which airport you go to and Heathrow will usually let you have more than one bag. For more information please click here to visit the Heathrow Airport website and few their security regulations for yourself.

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