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Check In to Heathrow Airport

Check In to Heathrow Airport

If you've come to us for a personal Meet and Greet service you are probably worrying about what time to get to the airport and where to check in; which is why we at Airpark Me have decided to give you expert advice to make sure the start to your holiday or business trip is stress-free and easy.

Where to Go to Check-In?

Once you've arrived at your terminal you'll see signs for check-in. For terminals one and four the check-in is on the first floor. For terminal three the check-in is on the ground floor and the check-in for terminal five is the top floor. Don't worry though because these will be clearly sign posted.

Each departure will have its own check-in zone and you can find what your zones are by using the information screen which are located near the entrance.

What Time Should You Check In?

Like most other airports, Heathrow advice that you check in as early as possible. However not many of us want to be waiting around for hours on end, so it's usually recommended to arrive two hours before your scheduled departure.

Save Time

To save time make sure you have your tickets and passport to hand, and make sure that your hand luggage doesn't contain any liquids or sharp items. If any of these items are found then you could spend more time than you like in security control.

We hope this information has helped, and if you have any further questions regarding the Heathrow airport parking services we offer call us on 02085 612 525.