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Airport Parking; Your FAQ’s Answered

Airport Parking; Your FAQ's Answered


Thinking of booking meet and greet airport parking? If yes, you'll probably have some questions which you want answering. If this is the case, read on as we answer you're frequently asked questions below – if you don't see the question or indeed the answer you need, please telephone us on 02085 612 525.

What is Meet & Greet Airport Parking?

Travelling is stressful enough without having to worry about where to park the car, so to give you one less thing to worry about we offer a meet and greet airport parking service. Upon arriving at the airport one of our drivers will meet you. You are then free to check in and forget all about your car. We will then take your car and park it in one of our secure parking facilities.

Once your holiday has finished and you've landed and you've called us, we'll drive and meet you at the designated place at the airport. We'll be ready and waiting for you so you can drive straight home without waiting around.

What Terminals Is the Meet & Greet Services Available to?

The meet and greet airport parking service is available to all five terminals, all you have to do is call 15 minutes prior to arrving at the airport. On your return journey we recommend our customers to call us as soon as you have picked up your luggage.

Do You Meet & Greet at Other Airports?

No – we only provide our services to those travelling to and from Heathrow Airport.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is dependent on the number of days and the times of pickup, to get a quick quote click here.

Who Will Meet Me?

One of our drivers will meet you, and will unload and load your luggage on pickup and delivery of the your car; which is great for young families.

Are the Drivers Fully Insured?

Yes – all of our drivers are fully insured.

Where Will My Car Go?

Your car will be driven to one of our nearby secure parking facilities. We have 24hour CCTV systems in operation, which gives our customers peace of mind while they're on holiday.

Can I Contact The Meet & Greet Staff?

Yes, we will give you a number to ring so that when you land you can phone us and we will be waiting for you.

Can I Get My Car Serviced?

Yes – when leave your car with us you can also choose to have it serviced. This kills two birds with one stone.

Can I Get an MOT?

Yes- you can choose to have a full MOT test while you're away on holiday. All MOT's are performed by FastTrakMOT's and they are an additional £50.00 each.

Can You Repair My Windscreen While I'm Away?

If the crack is smaller than a £2.00 coin we'll be able to get it repaired for you while you're away on holiday.

If you have any further questions call us on 02085 612 525.